I'm not able to view the downloaded materials

There may be instances where you have properly downloaded PDFs or tracks from eBassGuitar, but can't access them. 

If a file is zipped, you'll need a zip utility to decompress the files. Free software like 7-zip can help. You can download 7-zip here.

If you are not able to properly open PDF files, you'll need a compatible PDF reader. A good example is Foxit Reader. You can download Foxit Reader here

eBassGuitar tracks come in MP3 format. Should your audio player not support eBassGuitar tracks, you can use a free program like VLC media player. You candownload VLC Media Player here. 

If you are still not able to properly access your eBassGuitar downloads despite the right software, send us a message over at lessons@ebassguitar.com.