I'm having issues with my eBassGuitar Video

All eBassGuitar course videos are hosted at Vimeo, and free lessons can be found over at YouTube. 

If you are having general issues or errors with any of our videos, please refresh the page first to see if that sorts out the problem.

Video Issues

If the video looks warped or too grainy/blocky, you'll want to increase the video resolution by clicking on the gear icon on the lower right side of the video player and choosing the highest resolution possible.

Audio Issues

If you are not hearing any audio at all, please check that your computer audio, video player audio and audio output device is not on mute and at a suitable level.

It is recommended to use proper headphones or speakers with eBassGuitar videos. Speakers / drivers from laptops and mobile devices can be too small and are unable to produce low frequencies effectively. This can make james' voice or the backing tracks clearyly audible, but the bass itself can't be heard.