What content does eBassGuitar offer?

eBassGuitar offers a number of courses which tackle the different skills you need to start becoming a bass player. Courses like the Absolute Beginners Bass course, Modes Mastery course and Riff Masters' Bass course are some examples. These courses contain a number of lessons, each with a lesson video. Once you purchase a course or a membership, you can access these videos from anywhere in the world, at any time of your convenience for the duration of your access period. These lessons can also have downloaded PDFs and backing tracks which can help guide you through the video lessons. 

If you want a more specific and guided learning experience, eBassGuitar has Challenges. These usually come in 30 or 90 day programs where you get to learn specific lessons each week. At the end of each week, you can send a video of your bass playing for the eBassGuitar team to review and give feedback on. You will also get to join in video sessions with James and the rest of your challenge mates. 

If you are after physical media, eBassGuitar has a selection of Books and CDs on offer. eBassGuitar merch is also up for grabs. 

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